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  • Do you accept orders over the phone? 
    No, we are only set-up to accept credit card orders through the shopping cart on our website.

  • Where are your lures manufactured?  
    100% handcrafted in the U.S.A.

  • Are your lures wire through or screw eyes for the hook hangers?
    We use stainless steel screw eyes set in epoxy.

  • What brand and strength of treble hooks do you use on your lures?
    VMC X-Strong 9650 BZ on the Avitar, Reef Diggers, Twitch Darters, Sand Cats, Papa Chubbys, Top Cat and VMC 8650 X-Strong BZ Cone Cut on the Rip Cat.
  • Can I order lures with saltwater hooks installed?
     No, we only use freshwater hooks on our lures.

  • Do you sell unpainted lure bodies?
    No, we do not.

  • Do you offer custom lure painting?  
    Contact us with your paint scheme concept and we'll see what we can do.  If we can we would only do a custom paint job on one of our lures, no competitors.

  • Do you ship out of the U.S.A.?  
    Yes, email us your order requirements and we will send an invoice that can be paid with your PayPal account or Credit Card. Orders shipped by the Postal Service.

  • Are your lures made out of wood or plastic?  
    Northern white cedar 
  • How do I send photos of fish to post on your photo album page?
    You can email jpeg images with all information to

  • Why are the Prism/Holo patterns only available on certain models?
    They are only offered on our flat-sided models which are the 12" Reef Digger, 7 and 9" Reef Digger shallow, Avitar, 8" Twitch Darter Deep Diver and Sand Cats. Other models have 3 dimensional body shapes which makes it difficult to apply without causing wrinkles in the film.

  • Can more weight be added to the Sand Cats?
    The Sand Cat is a unique, hybrid dive/rise lure designed for shallow water structure fishing. Strategically placed weights are added that allow the bait to dive with a crankbait wobble and rise with a distinctive body roll motion. Adding more weight will affect this action. Weight kits are available that can be applied to the belly to control this action.  Initially tape the weight or weights to the underside, test, then apply the insert for the weights to be screwed into for the desired dive/rise rate.